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San Bernardino Community College District

Academic Calendar Subcommittee

Last modified at 5/22/2023 8:55 a.m.

Academic Calendar Subcommittee

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

Non-reoccurring meeting dates. Approximately 4-6 meetings/year.


Academic Calendar Subcommittee Organization

2021-22 Membership Roster

Committee Recommendations

Participatory Governance Structure


The Academic Calendar Subcommittee will oversee the development of the annual academic calendar and will review optional calendars or other formats for offering academic programs for the District. The deliberations from this committee will be reported to Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee, where a recommendation will be made to the Chancellor’s Council, then a progressed recommendation to the Board of Trustees for action. 

Please contact the Office of the Chancellor, Heather Ford, with questions/comments.